An Objective or Career Summary

A career summary is a brief statement at the beginning of your resume to show your audience you are uniquely qualified for this particular opportunity.  It should be short and catchy - a few key phrases or bullets tailored to your audience. 

There are numerous possible names for the career summary section, including: Career Highlights, Profile, Highlights of Experience, Professional Qualifications, Professional Summary, Summary of Achievements, Summary of Qualifications or an appropriate title of your choice.  It may include information on experience, education, licenses/certifications, leadership roles, publications, awards, or other significant accomplishments.  Please note that the purpose of this section is to highlight key information that is relevant and interesting to your specific audience; it should be tailored to each opportunity.

A statement of your career objective to highlight your career goals is optional.  If you are changing career fields and your resume does not obviously point towards the new career field, one may wonder why you are applying, so an objective may answer that question